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With so many marketing channels to choose from, how can you attract more customers? Working with Hotspot Marketing, we help to pinpoint what matters most to the people who would buy from you and develop and refine marketing campaigns that you can manage yourself - or we can manage for you.

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Troubleshoot My Marketing

Unsure what real results you are getting from your marketing?

Take 5 minutes to answer our ‘where you are now, where you want to be’ questionnaire so we can get a picture of what marketing is and isn’t working for your business.

We will then arrange a 30 minute telephone consultation with you to discuss what you need to think about.

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Develop My Online Presence

How do you know where to best invest your time and money with online marketing? Hype about the latest best tool to use and the pace of technology doesn’t give you an easy answer!

From lead pages to websites, email marketing to facebook advertising, we work out the most efficient way to generate leads for your business.

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Get More Customers

The most common question we get asked is: ‘How can I get more new customers?

It’s easy to get led along a path where the vision is just ‘how many?’ What often gets missed is the complete customer journey and how easy it is to lose customers along the way.

From first enquiry, to customer, to retention, to referral, we develop the systems and processes you need in place to develop an ongoing positive customer relationship for long term growth.

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Create an Engaging Print Campaign

Living in the digital age, it’s easy to presume that print marketing no longer has any value – right?

Nope! Your potential customers may not be currently searching for what you are offering. But what you offer is something they may want or need – they just haven’t got round to exploring it yet.

Print is tangible and when properly targeted can be an essential touchpoint to attract – or remind – customers to do business with you.

The 5 Most Harmful Marketing Errors & How to Fix Them

The 5 Most Harmful Marketing Errors & How to Fix Them

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