‘How can I get more new customers?’ - is a common question we get asked.

It’s easy to get led along a path where the vision is just ‘how many?’

What often gets missed is the complete customer journey and how easy it is to lose prospective customers along the way.

A typical error is expecting potential customers to remember to do business with you after just one, or a minimal amount of contact..

The harsh reality is customers have a lot of choice. They can be fickle. They can be transient. They will compare and contrast.

So it is your job to gracefully remind customers to do business with YOU.

This doesn’t mean harsh sales messages every few days. It’s about building the integrity and trust that positions you as the expert – the business to choose – that goes hand-in-hand with relationship building.

How we work:

  • Establish who your right customers are and what matters to them most from their perspective
  • Define your positioning – the purpose of what you do and how you can help them
  • Develop a messaging and content strategy that hits your customer’s touch-points
  • Implement a system and process to connect the right customers with your business and start their awareness journey with you
  • Implement a relationship building strategy that will nurture a prospect to enquiry, to customer, to retention and referral

Our research approach to targeting communication will help you to connect with what matters to the people that would buy from you, focused on building value and growth.

If you would like a preliminary chat to see how we could help you, do schedule a call or drop us a quick line and we’ll get in touch.

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