Your BEST customers: How to identify more of them

If there are two common answers we regularly see when a prospective client answers our marketing audit – it is these:

Who is your target audience?
“Anyone really, anyone looking to/for…”

What is the ONE most important thing that people should know about your product/service?
“Our customer service”

There are two big problems with this.

Firstly, to market to anyone, where do you start in targeting your marketing to attract their attention?

Secondly, customer service is what people will research, experience and decide for themselves ONCE they are engaged with your business.

To identify your best customers, you first need to know your audience and what really matters to them.

Take the time to do this, and you can avoid wasting time attracting many wrong customers. You know the ones – they expect a cheaper price, show little respect for your talent, or waste frustrating amounts of your time.

To find more of the RIGHT customers, think about:

  • Who has the problem you can solve?
  • How can you easily explain their needs in a way they will understand?
  • What is the ONE most important fact about your product/ service that will help them?
  • Why will this be of value to them?
  • Why will this customer be RIGHT for your business?

These five questions are a starting point in helping you to define specific target audiences that you want to reach and persuade to use your business. People that become your BEST customers want to tell their friends and colleagues all about you.

If you want some help with this process, check out our ‘Troubleshoot My Marketing‘ service.

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