Facebook at Work

Marketing rumour mill: Facebook at Work

In Social Media by Nick Taimitarha

Social networks tend to target a niche group of users – traditionally Facebook is the place to keep in touch with friends, family and social events, LinkedIn is for business contacts and professional networking and Twitter is for keeping up with what’s happening, news and other interests.

But the Internet is constantly evolving, so we’re not surprised to hear a rumour that Facebook has been “secretly” working on what would seem to be a rival to LinkedIn – to be called Facebook at Work.

The idea is to let Facebook users separate their personal profile from their work profile. It would enable chatting with colleagues, connecting with professional contacts and collaborating over documents.

It’s easy to see why Facebook wants to expand its footprint further into the business world. But will it make life easier for users?

It does seem for small businesses in particular that the lines between personal and professional are getting increasingly blurred, so actually the idea of separating the two worlds on Facebook wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would certainly create new opportunities for those in the social media marketing industry.

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