WordPress Theme, Core and Plugin updates

At Hotspot Marketing our platform of choice for business websites is WordPress. WordPress started life as a blogging platform but has become the most popular Content Management System (CMS), powering around a quarter of all websites globally.

WordPress offers many excellent pre-designed templates, reducing the design cost significantly. Tried and tested third party plug-ins enhance your website with additional functionality. Updating website content is easy for anyone to do.

If you’re running your website on the WordPress platform, it’s important to regularly ensure that everything is kept up to date to avoid issues cropping up, from security hacks to plugin compatibilities, as well as ensuring optimum performance.

Most updates fix known security vulnerabilities that attackers are already exploiting. It’s very easy for attackers to create automated tools that scan sites for the vulnerability and then automatically hack it when the vulnerability is found.

The three things to always update to the latest versions are:

  1. The WordPress Core – this is the actual WordPress installation
  2. Your WordPress Theme – this is the design template you are using
  3. Your WordPress Plugins – these are the 3rd party tools that add extra functionality to your site

Updates to each of these are rolled out on a regular basis in order to fix vulnerabilities and add new functionality.

It’s good practice to ensure you have a site and data backup before updating. That way, if there’s any incompatibility issues, you can easily revert to the previous version.

As good as WordPress is, its sheer popularity makes it a target for spam, phishing schemes or malware distribution. Regular updates will minimise the risk of your site being compromised.

Updating your WordPress application will also allow you enjoy the new features and user interface improvements introduced with each update.

The website design service at Hotspot Marketing includes fully managed hosting with a #1 rated provider, with daily backups and regular updates to the WordPress core, themes and plugins taken care of.

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