Social Media Marketing is a complete waste of time

That is, if your social media activity is limited to sending out a lonely tweet every now and then, accepting the odd LinkedIn invitation and browsing your Facebook feed when you’re bored – you’re not really ‘doing’ social media.

The fact is, your existing and potential customers are spending time on social networks. They’re researching, evaluating and selecting products and services.

That’s why as a business, you need to have a social presence. More than that, if you truly want to ‘do’ social media marketing, you need to implement a strategy to engage, nurture and lead prospects along the buying cycle.

An effective social media marketing strategy involves customer profiling, content creation and consistent social activity. The tactics include planning and automating certain processes to free up time for ‘human’ engagement.

When approached in the RIGHT way, social media is a valuable ‘word of mouth’ marketing tool any small business would be mad to miss out on.

If you want fully understand how Social Media can work effectively for your business then get in touch.

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